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The “Get Help” category is the place for asking generic technical questions about Frontity
or about how to solve a specific issue you’re having in your Frontity project.
You can contribute to the project by providing support to these current unanswered questions

Examples of generic technical questions:

Examples of specific issue you’re having with your Frontity project:

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Ask about “how to solve a specific issue with your Frontity project”

If you want to ask about “how to solve an issue with your Frontity project” we suggest you to provide things such as:

✓ Description of your issue
✓ System info → npx frontity info
✓ Specific errors you’re getting in the terminal
✓ Specific errors you’re getting in the browser’s console
✓ A repository or codesandbox with the code of your project
✓ A deployed version of your site
✓ The URL of your WP REST API

The more information you provide the better. In order for the Frontity team and the community to provide the best possible help as quickly and as efficiently as possible it would be useful if you provide as much information as possible.

Below (between the lines) there’s a structure you can use to “report” your issue (you can copy and paste in your topic and replace the quoted parts with your own texts)

:spiral_notepad: Description

Please provide as full a description as possible of the problem that you are having.

A video explaining your issue is sometimes the most effective way of providing this description. We recommend you using a tool like Loom for this

:computer: Error messages & System info

Please provide any errors that you are seeing in the terminal and/or the browser’s console.
Run npx frontity info from the root of your project directory. Copy and paste the output here.

:earth_americas: Code repository and/or site URL

A link to a repository (Github, Bitbucket, …) with the code of your project will enable anyone who wants to help you, to clone your project and try to reproduce the issue you’re having.

When sharing a repo with your Frontity project take this guide into account → How to share your Frontity project

You can also use CodeSandbox to create a new project with Frontity with the minimum amount of code necessary to showcase your problem so the community (or the Frontity team) have something to look at.

If you have a publicly accessible site please provide the URL so that we can see the error happening
To get this URL you can deploy your current project (to some hosting like Vercel)

:point_right: Other information

Is there any other information that could be useful to understand this issue? Anything that should be taken into account to reproduce the issue? Any specific steps needed to reproduce your issue?

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