as a variable

Hi I am new in frontity so do not judge me harshly :grinning:.
I am trying to use variable for but it does not work at least for me.

const List = ({ state, libraries }) => {
  //   const data = state.source.get(;
  const city = "/mycity/stock/";
  const data = state.source.get(city);
  const Html2React = libraries.html2react.Component;
  const page = state.source[data.type][];
  console.log("page: ", page);

I got error as usual “Cannot read property ‘undefined’ of undefined” for const page. Probably it’s because I have isReady: false in const data. Any suggestions?

Or how can I get the page from WP not using URL? I mean I have page → “city” and need to get several different pages (London/Stockholm etc) on localhost/mycity/stock according my city-params .

Hi @vova.champion

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Is mycity a CPT? If so is it available in the WP REST API? And if that is the case then have you configured it in frontity.settings.js - see here?

If the above doesn’t help you to resolve the problem then please provide a link to a repo or a codesandbox. Please see here for the kind of info that you can provide that will help the community to help you.

Thanks for answer! What is CTP? :slightly_smiling_face:
If I use const data = state.source.get(; and I am on that page /mycity/stock/ it works fine.

OK, in that case you probably need to pre-fetch the data using a beforeSSR function. You will also need to add logic to your component to check that the data exists before trying to access it.

Take a look at this repo for an example of using a beforeSSR function to fetch data from WP - in particular the index.js file (lines 45-47).

BTW: CPT = Custom Post Type.

Thanks I’ll try it!

something like this… I’ve not checked it fully though


beforeSSR: async ({ state, actions, libraries }) => {
  // for a specific route (or set of routes) rather than all of them
  if('/whatever/')) {
    // fetch the city/stock data
    await actions.source.fetch("/mycity/stock/")


const List = ({ state, actions, libraries }) => {
  // get data for this route
  const data = state.source.get(
  // get data for city (available from SSR)
  const city = "/mycity/stock/"
  const stock_data = state.source.get(city)

 // fetch data if navigating clientside
 // (not sure if this is required)
  useEffect(() => {

  // once both sets of data ready, render component
  return (data.isReady && stock_data.isReady) && (
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@codemonkeynorth Thanks for the solution. It kind of works, but does not look for dynamically changeable cities :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

Yes only going from the example provided (your city was const)

For readability you can create a function (possibly even imported from an external file) eg
const before = …

and then do beforeSSR: before,

You’ll just need to parse your route for the dynamic part and do the same in your component

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@codemonkeynorth Thanks!