Website Loading - After Use Custom Post API

Hi Friends,

I have created website in frontity. every think is good. i have shared with you link. I have used Custom POST API in homepage and every page then page is taking too much loading.

Please give me solutions.

Thank you.

Hi @bhagvan.vrinsofts

Could you be more specific about the problem that you’re encountering - i.e. a description of what is happening and what should happen when a particular link is clicked. I just visited the site and everything seems to be working fine.

Also please provide a link to a repo so that your code can be examined and your project cloned if necessary. Please see here for the kind of info that it’s useful for you to provide.

Hi @mburridge

Thank you so much for reply me.

Website is working fine and still i am working on API loading response.

So i am facing taking too much loading time for API response in Custom Post Type API.

I have used below code for Custom Post API.

 useEffect(() => {
  }, []);
 const Logodata = state.source.get('/portfolios_data');
 const posts = Logodata.isArchive ?{ type, id }) => state.source[type][id]) : null;

Any solution available for API response loading time.

Thank you.

Hi @bhagvan.vrinsofts

You don’t need to use useEffect to get custom post types. Frontity will handle CPTs like any other post type if you configure your CPT in frontity.settings.js.

See here for more info.

Hope this helps.

Hi @mburridge ,

Thank you so much it’s working fine.

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