Menu not working when deploy

Hello, my pages not working on vercel. In developer mode is working fine.
When I select a page between menus, data it does not load.
When I go to a page via a link, everything works.

Hey @andrius.zibaitis96 welcome to the forum :blush:

I’m afraid that it’s going to be pretty difficult for anyone in the community to help you with your issue given the very limited information that you are providing.

It’d be great if you could provide the info suggested here

The more info you provide about your issue the better. Providing a repo or code-sandbox with your code is especially helpful to find solutions of technical issues with specific code

I am attaching a gif photo below.

On the left when I upload to vercel.
Right side when I use npx frontity dev.

If everything works in npx frontity dev, why doesn’t it work on vercel?

Impossible to know with the information you are providing :sweat_smile:

Please, check the links I shared in my previous answer :blush:

I fixed this. Problem is with subdomain.
If you deploy this with subdomain and you don’t have SSL sertificate, your website not loading links…

So I change it:

source: {
url: “”,
homepage: “/home-page/”,

source: {
url: “”,
homepage: “/home-page/”,