Return 404 status for 404 pages


Right now 404 pages are returning 200 status code. They should return a 404.

User Stories

As a search engine
I want to get a 404 status code when the page doesn’t exist
so that I know I don’t have to index that page

Possible solution

We have to expose the response somehow on Frontity and wp-source should change the status if it detects a 404.

This is a bug, not a feature, so I’ve opened a bug in GitHub:

I guess we are going to have to close topics sometimes, like in this case that I mistakenly opened this as a feature or for example when someone opens a duplicate feature.

Any idea about how to close or what to do with this topic @SantosGuillamot?

Sorry, I totally forgot about this.

I think we should write a last message explaining why we are closing the topic (the message you wrote should be enough) and just close it. We could do something similar with the features we released. Once we announce a feature we could link to the announcement topic and if they have any questions redirect them to another category like Dev Talk & Questions. Something like this:

This feature has already been released, you can take a deeper look at this topic. If you have any questions about it, feel free to open a new topic at Dev Talk & Questions.

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I’m not convinced that we have to close this type of issues… I think we should not limit the conversation. If people write things that are not related, we can always split them to a new topic. But people can have a say even after something is released. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t fit their needs or they feel like the design could be improved. When issues are closed in GitHub people can still add comments.

Maybe it would be enough with a tag status: closed?

I know user votes are released after a topic is closed, but maybe we don’t have to limit the ability to vote. We can set it to 999 votes or something like that.

What do you think?

Yes, maybe we can add a tag status: closed for the topics that doesn’t make sense anymore like this one and keep using the status:release for the features that are released.

I’m planning to show the status tag in a clearer way, and it should help to identify that the topic is closed. Something like this:

Do you think that would be enough?

Regarding the votes, I agree we could allow them to vote as many topics as they want, there is no problem about that.

Yeah, I think that could work really well :clap:

Hello @luisherranz , have you managed to advance on this bug?
I need to fix it.

Thanks a lot.
a greeting.

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This was fixed more than a year ago. If you are having a problem with a response not returning a 404 status it has to be something new.

Can you open a new thread with your problem in 🙋Get Help - Frontity Community Forum? Thanks!

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@luisherranz Maybe I misunderstood the error you had, my problem is that the browser receives a 200 when the result should be 404

Yes, that’s the same problem. But as Luis mentioned it was solved some time ago. You can take a look at fro example:

Maybe your project isn’t updated or a page/post with the slug pagenoexist exists in your WordPress. Could you please open a new thread in 🙋Get Help - Frontity Community Forum with more info about your project as suggested here? This way, we can analyze better if it’s a new bug on Frontity or just a missconfiguration.

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