How to insert the slot in the head when using Google Ad Manager package

Beginner here

I have installed the ad manager package successfully, but not sure how to insert the slot in the head or within the content area.

I am using a custom theme and also tried with mars theme

Hi @laxman.2903,

Sorry about the lack of documentation regarding this topic. We have this tracked and it’s in our roadmap.

In the meantime here you have some resources that may help you with your implementation:

  • Here you have a video with a quick demo of how to add Ads by using this Google Ad Manager package
  • Here you have the Feature Discussion where you can find details about its implementation

If these resources are not enough for you to make it work, please provide a repo or code-sandbox with your code so we can help you with this implementation

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And it’s my mistake, I got confused with old AdSense ads vs Google Publisher

Also, I didn’t notice the slot correctly on the example