Failed to set the value property error in Contact Form 7

Hi, I’m running into the same error so i will try to explain it in more detail.

:spiral_notepad: Description

What i’m trying to do is to add an ‘file upload field’ to the contact form 7 form. The input button renders correctly and the window to upload a file opens. The form template looks like this.

Your name
[text* your-name]

Your email
[email* your-email]

[text* your-subject]

Your message (optional)
[textarea your-message]


[submit “Submit”]

But upon submitting a file the page turns blank and the following error shows up in the console.

:computer: Error

As far as i can tell the contact form 7 package tries to set the value of the file input field in the same way it does the normal input fields and causes it to break.

:point_right: Other information

To reproduce:

  • Add contact-form-7 package to frontity install
  • Add contact form 7 plugin to wordpress
  • Add shortcode to page (form works)
  • Add [file] field to form template (form breaks)

Hi @sebastiaan,

Welcome to the Community!

Can you please provide a repo or code-sandbox with your code? This is especially helpful to find solutions of technical issues with specific code

As this package has been created by an external contributor (@imranhsayed) you should open an issue in the plugin’s repo so the author can tell you if the Fronrity package is prepared to deal with file fields

I am not quite sure, but I think the plugin only supports some basic input types - file might be one that isn’t supported (yet)

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After looking over the repo it does look like the package does not have support for file upload yet, i will look at another form solution. Thanks for the replies.

Hi @phn, @sebastiaan

The current version of the Frontity Contact Form 7 package is fairly rudimentary and only supports input type=text and textarea fields, so file upload is not supported, nor are select form elements or other input types such as radio or checkbox.

As far as we’re aware Imran doesn’t seem to be supporting it anymore, but it’s released under the GPLv2 licence, so feel free to fork it and develop it further to update/enhance it, or contribute to the existing project. Support for more form elements would be useful for anyone working with Frontity and CF7.