Post type and taxonomy same url not working

Hello guys,
Firstly, my application is on the localhost, so I will not be able to provide any code or repo.
I am having issue when adding custom taxonomy on frontity settings.
blog -> custom post type
blog-category -> taxonomy
My url structure is like below:

  1. -> isPost
  2. -> isArchive

This has been configured on wordpress side and works efficiently.

Frontity settings:
** postTypes: [
type: “blog”, // type slug
endpoint: “blog”, // REST API endpoint
archive: “/blog”, // link where this custom posts are listed,
taxonomies: [
taxonomy: “blog_category”,
endpoint: “blog_category”,
postTypeEndpoint: “blog”,


But on frontity , First url structure works as expected, but second is not found. I am having below issue:

** isError: true,**
** isReady: true,**
** isFetching: false,**
** is404: true,**
** errorStatus: 404,**
** errorStatusText: ‘post type from endpoints “posts,pages,media” with slug “blog_category” not found’**

I assume that taxonomy settings conflicts with postType settings. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi @talehmuzaffer

Welcome to the community. One thing I noticed is that your paths have ‘dashes’: -> isPost -> isArchive

Whereas your taxonomy definitions use ‘underscores’:

taxonomy: “blog_category”,
endpoint: “blog_category”,

Could that be the reason it’s not working?

Hello, @mburridge Thanks for replying.
No it cannot be the issue, as the blog-category is not the taxonomy name but taxonomy value. taxonomy name is blog_category. You can replace blog-category (with dashes) with another one (for ex. , marketing)

One more issue is that , whenever I click the proper link works well, but it is not found when i refresh the page.
It is very overwhelming for me :frowning:

Hi @talehmuzaffer

I’m afraid your problem is quite confusing as you’ve named your Custom Post Type blog and your Custom Taxonomy blog_category. This is confusing because WordPress provides the Post Post Type and the Category taxonomy for blogging purposes, so it’s hard to understand what you’re trying to do or what your Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy are for.

I think to help you further we are going to need a repo and ideally a WordPress site that we can access. Please see this guide for the kind of info to provide so we can best help you.

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