Cant install on shared hosting


i am trying to install this as a development enviroment on a remote server.
This is with dreamhost. Its important we can do this to collaborate.
the scripts all run fine, but clearly its not loading on the correct URL.

whatever I try it just throws a 403 error when I try and access the public path.

Why is this?

it seems to me you are focussed too much on localhost devs. I dont work like that. I want to be able to share and collaborate. usually there is an option to change the port / URL REACT listens on, but I dont see it anywhere.

i have tried setting various paths using htaccess but again just blocked by browser.

Replying to myself here…
I did find some useful info on this thread:

I managed to get development server to work, if I use MYDOMAIN:3000 and the following code in app.js:

var frontity = require("./public/frontity/").default;
var http = require("http");
var server = http.createServer(frontity);

BUT oddly i cant get it to run a production build on the domain using the code as per the thread Ive linked there. not clear why this is. any advice welcome

Hi @julianrob77

Welcome to the community - great to see that you’re using Frontity for your project.

I’m glad you managed to get your development server working. What problems are you having with your production build? What errors are you getting in the terminal and in the browser console?

See here for the kind of info that you can provide that will help the community to help you.