Some internal wordpress links redirecting to wordpress frontend

I am just testing frontity to use for my wordpress site on my local machine and have setup wordpress at http://localhost:8888/wordpress and frontity.

All seems to be working fine, except for the posts summary preview which has a link for the entire post under the <a> tag with class of more-link. After doing inspect element on it, I found that the link href is http://localhost:8888/wordpress/test-post-2/ instead of just /test-post-2 .
This results in clicking the link redirecting to the wordpress frontend instead of the frontity hosted frontend.

However, the <a> tag for the post header has href of /test-post-2 and clicking it leads to frontity frontend. I want that behaviour to be repeated in the <a> tag with the class of more-link.

On frontity.settings.js, I have setup as follows:

    "name": "@frontity/wp-source",
      "state": {
        "source": {
          "url": "http://localhost:8888/wordpress"

I did have a look in this post but couldn’t come up with what to do to address the problem:

Client routing for internal `content` links

Sorry if this is very basic but I don’t understand where am I going wrong?

Hi @spc86,

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Can you please provide a repo or code-sandbox with your code? This is especially helpful to find solutions of technical issues with specific code

@mmczaplinski any thoughts here?

It’s hard to say without a link to a reproduction. It might be a misonfiguration or it might be a bug in the link processor. This link should already be handled by Frontity as far as I can tell.

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Maybe we don’t support ports in the URL?

@mburridge, if I’m not mistaken you did some tests with this, right? Any insights?

@luisherranz, I didn’t do any tests with ports in the URL - I can’t see why they shouldn’t just work. The tests I did were with an IP address instead of a domain name in state.source.url.

Reading the OP it looks more likely to be a processor issue.