Category Topics

📢 Announcements

Software and documentation releases, news and other general announcements.

🙋Get Help

The “Get Help” category is the place for asking generic technical questions about Frontity
or about how to solve a specific issue you’re having with your Frontity project

👨‍💻 Framework Development

In this category you’ll find the lastest updates about the work done by the Frontity team for the framework and its ecosytem (packages and themes)

🗣 Feature Discussions

Suggest new features to keep improving Frontity, vote the ones you are interested in, follow the progress and join the discussion of their design.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community

Discussions about the community, this forum, events, socializing…

🔎 Jobs

Are you open to Frontity freelance projects? Do you need a freelancer to work on a custom Frontity project? This is the place to post about it.


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