Error: Cannot find module ( creating theme)


I am following the tutorial and I got an error customising my theme

  1. I changed the line after packed as instructed in the video around 42:00
    “packages”: [
    “name”: “storygenietheme”,
    “name”: “@frontity/wp-source”,
    “state”: {

  2. I went back to the terminal and ran frontity nx dev

  3. I was prompted to open in a new window because I was already running local 3000 but I decided to run it on the same server.

  4. When I went back to the site and refreshed the page I got the cannot find module error ( don’t have a screenshot)

Should I start over? I got the theme folder installed

but the site is now inaccessible

This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.



Thank you for your help.


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