🌱 Frontity Community Forum Users Guide

Welcome to the Frontity Community Forum!

Frontity is an Open Source Project with a growing community. This Community Forum is the main place for the community to make announcements, engage in conversations with one another, and help each other. The support provided in this forum is especially important because it will allow other Frontity users to benefit from the answers provided.

This guide will help you to understand how the Forum is organized and how to use it. This guide will also set some rules to encourage nice, friendly and productive interactions among the Community members.

The Frontity Community Forum works around the following key ideas:

Based in Discourse

Discourse is the platform used by this forum.
In their own words

Discourse is the 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!

To understand how this Community Forum works and how you can make the most when reading topics and taking part in conversations we recommend you to read the following post (all the explanations provided there can be applied in this forum):

Organized in categories

The Forum is organized around the following categories:

  • :loudspeaker: Announcements
    General news and announcements.

  • 🙋 Get Help
    The “Get Help” category is the place for asking generic technical questions about Frontity or about how to solve a specific issue you’re having in your Frontity project. You can contribute to the project by providing support to these current unanswered questions.

  • :man_technologist: Framework Development
    In this category you’ll find the latest updates about the work done (releases, sprints…) for the framework and its ecosystem (packages & themes).

  • :speaking_head:Feature Discussions
    Suggest new features to keep improving Frontity, vote the ones you are interested in, follow the progress and join the discussion of their design.

  • :family_man_woman_girl_boy: Community
    Have you created a Frontity site, written a post about the framework, or organized a Frontity meetup? Whatever your idea is, feel free to share it here!

  • :mag_right: Jobs
    Are you open to Frontity freelance projects? Do you need a freelancer to work on a custom Frontity project? This is the place to post about it.

  • :coffee: General
    Want to say something but don’t know where? Try here!

To Get Help

The most common use of this forum is to ask for help for a specific project.

Before asking in the Community Forum

Before asking in the Community Forum we recommend you to check the Frontity documentation and the following learning resources.

Community Forum

Use the forum advanced search option to make sure this question has not already been asked and answered by other users.



In Frontity’s Blog, there are some technical posts that go deep into some topics. Some of the most relevant ones are:



You have several demos available compiled in the repository GitHub - frontity-demos/frontity-examples: A monorepo consisting of a number of different projects each of which is intended to demonstrate how to achieve a particular task using Frontity.

Asking questions in the Community Forum

If you have an issue with your Frontity project (that you’re not able to solve by checking the Frontity documentation), take into account that there may be a variety of reasons for the issue - some of which may not be directly Frontity-related - so it’s very important to provide as much information as you can when describing an issue in a specific project and to provide the resources so the issue can be replicated by anyone.

In this post, you’ll find a guide with suggestions of the info to provide when asking about “how to solve a specific issue with your Frontity project”

The more info you provide about your issue the better. Providing a repo or code-sandbox with your code is especially helpful to enable members of the community to find solutions to your technical or code-related issues. Having a publicly accessible API is also useful.

When asking for help with a technical problem that you are encountering please bear in mind the following two points:

  1. have I provided enough information for anyone to be able to understand the problem that I am having? For example:

    • error messages in the terminal
    • error messages in the browser console
    • steps to reproduce the problem
  2. have I provided the resources needed so that anyone who could help me is able to reproduce the issue in their machine? For example:

    • link to a repo
    • codesandbox
    • publicly accessible API

Providing comprehensive information about your problem is the quickest and best way to get useful answers from other members of the Community that will help you to resolve your issue.

Community Netiquette

The term “netiquette” is a contraction of the words Internet and Etiquette. It is used to define the set of rules and guidelines for maintaining a pleasant, supportive, and nurturing environment for communication, as well as to avoid the possibility of conflict among users.

The 10 Netiquette rules for this Frontity Community Forum are:

  1. Search Before Posting. Before posting a question or asking for help on a particular topic, use the forum search option to make sure this question has not already been asked and answered by other users.

  2. Check the Documentation Before Posting. Before posting a question or asking for help on a particular topic, check the documentation and learning resources mentioned above. There’s a good chance that you will find answers to your questions there.

  3. Don’t Double Post. If you create a post and no one replies, then leave it at that. Reposting the same message or slightly edited versions of the same message will not earn you any respect from other forum users and it is considered to be annoying by the community.

  4. Be Polite and Use a Friendly Tone. Expressions like “Please”, “Thanks in advance” or “Any help would be appreciated” will make your question look good and will help you to get the quickest answer from the Community.

  5. Respect Other People’s Time. Keep your online communication succinct and to the point, be accurate in your explanations, be clear in your questions and provide all the information and resources needed so that other Community members can fully understand and reproduce your issue. Avoid vagueness, lack of clarity, and making people “guess” what you’re trying to say: this will make it easier to get an answer to your post from other Community members.

  6. Do Not Expect a Reply Immediately. You will probably get an answer to your question, but it may not happen quickly. Please don’t post a question on the forums, and then an hour later, post a reply that says “anyone?” and an hour later another that says “so nobody knows the answer?” and so on. “Bumping” your issue comes across as petulant and inconsiderate. Be patient. People may be involved in other important stuff. When posting a question take the following into account:

    • Frontity is a global Open Source project used by people worldwide, so community members are distributed across different timezones
    • Contributors of the framework may not be able to attend to questions in the Forum due to other priorities
    • Community members volunteer their help and provide support using their own valuable time.
  7. Write in English. English is the official language of the Frontity Community Forum. Frontity is used worldwide and the community members and contributors of the framework are distributed across several countries so the official language in this forum is English because:

    • Most of the people that may be able to help you with your issue (Framework contributors and Community members) use English as their main language
    • Maybe another community member (English speaker) has had a similar issue and can help you with your problem or add more relevant information
    • Once the problem is solved, another community member may benefit from the solution and will be able to follow the discussion.
  8. Share your Knowledge. You can easily give back to the Frontity Community and support your fellow Frontity users by sharing your existing knowledge with less experienced users, answering questions, or sharing your point of view about the topic. When doing so:

    • maintain a friendly tone,
    • don’t try to assert your “superiority” because you know something that they don’t
    • ensure that any technical information you provide is clear and, above all, accurate!
    • remember that you also started somewhere.
  9. Stay on Topic. Don’t post irrelevant comments in a thread. Start a new topic if your comment is not directly related to the topic of the thread. Don’t “hijack” other people’s threads for your own ends.

  10. Be Supportive and Inclusive. Community members come from a variety of backgrounds and have differing levels of technical knowledge. Don’t assert your “superiority” in any way and always strive to help those who have less knowledge than you. Never forget: by giving your knowledge away you don’t have any less of it (unlike cake :cake:).