Native WordPress comments

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Right now, if people want to show their WP comments they have to fetch the data themselves and build the logic, or use external services like Disqus. We could build a package to do this so users can use WordPress default comment system.

User Stories

As a Frontity user
I want to use the native WordPress comments out of the box
so that I don’t have to rely on a third service or build my own logic

As a WordPress admin
I want to be able to break comments into pages, selecting the number of top level comments
so that I don’t have to load all comments from the beginning

As a WordPress admin
I want to be able to order my comments from older to newer or newer to older
so that I can select depending on each specific case

Possible solution

As @luisherranz suggested, the comments fetch could be handled by wp-source via actions.source.fetch("@comments/1232"), while we could work on a package to expose:

  • Comments : a component that shows both the comments and the form to create a new one.
  • CommentForm a component to create a new comment.
  • actions.comments.create(...) : an action for those themes that want to create the form themselves, but don’t want to implement the logic.

Apart from that, we need to investigate a way to pass down styles to an external component:

This could works, although we aren’t 100% sure:

const commentsStyles = css`
  margin: 0;

  .commentItem {
    color: red;

const Post = ({ ... }) => {
  return (
      <Comments className={commentsStyles} />

Btw, we started a Pull Request some time ago and discussed about some aspects there. Let’s continue the conversation here from now.

@luisherranz I like the approach you suggested. I guess both components, the comments and the form, would be minimal and theme developers just have to style them right? Could they even use a processor if they want to modify the logic of the components?

Not really, no, because that’s only for HTML :sweat_smile:

They should be able to subscribe or even overwrite actions.comments.submit if they want.

Hi, have you implemented this package? I tested this method of showing comments but it’s probably only for displaying and no option for posting a new comment. So it’s useless if we can’t add new comments posting method. For this I know we may need to config our WP for accepting post requests too.
I don’t want to use Disqus. So any guide for a noob?

We haven’t implemented this yet. It’s one of our top priorities so I guess we’ll work on it during the coming weeks. Anyway, you may want to take a look at WP REST API Handbook, as you said, you can add new comments using POST - >

You can also take a look at this guide, the implementation should be pretty similar. Let us know if you finally try it :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually it’s a bit different scenario in my case as I’m using not .org so authentication etc is a bit different. Also I don’t posses any good skills in things like oauth etc. docs are not making sense to me – maybe they’re for experts. However with localhost I used JWT authentication plugin. I test it sort of working but after dumping off I tried with .com and solution not found.

Can you tell me that is frontity has any method of API authorization? Like can I switch frontity to use authenticated API and provide it with username and p/w of admin. I found when we enable a authentication plugin frontity stops grabbing data from public endpoints too