Sprint 3: WordPress Comments research

Sprint 3 planning

This is what we’re planning to do in sprint 3: we’ll finish the bugs and features started on the previous sprint and add a few more. Quick summary:

  • Planned - 77pt of which aprox 28pt are supposed to be done from previous sprint:
    • In progress from previous sprint - 9pt, that after releasing would mean 37pt.
    • Not started Bugs - 8pt
    • Not started features - 11pt
    • Not started research - 21pt

- Sprint board


Feature Discussions in development:

Feature Discussions in research:

Sprint 3 Review

For a more detailed status you can check the GitHub board. You can find the information of the last release at this announcement.

Note that, as we’re doing the release after the end of the sprint, some issues may be included as released in the announcement and not in this review.

Frontity team review

Released - 3pt

In progress - 39pt

We estimate that most of these points, except 4-5, are already done as they are pending review.

Not started - 35pt

External development

In progress