Sprint 6: Proof of concept of the WordPress preview support

Sprint 6 Planning

This sprint will go from the 17th July to the 26th August. We have to be aware that most of the Frontity team will be on holidays during this period. This is going to be our focus, in this order:

  • Finish all the features that are currently in progress: e2e poc and WordPress comments package.
  • Develop the first version of the main ads services: SmartAds and GoogleAdManager.
  • Solve all the high priority bugs.
  • If we still have time, we will start working on a proof of concept of the preview, as it is our next priority.

Included in the sprint :


You can keep track of the process at the Sprint board.

Sprint 6 Review

For a more detailed view of the final status of the sprint you can check the GitHub board .

This sprint has been a bit weird because all the team has been on holidays some weeks and there have been some unexpected events that have changed the planning:

  • After reviewing the priorities, we decided to do the research and develop a poc of WordPress preview, which was included in the backlog at the beginning.
  • We realized that there was a problem with latest Yoast versions. They have changed the whole implementation, so we decided to create a package, to support the REST API fields they are adding.
  • After releasing the beta of the wp-comments package, we realized that the action to post comments wasn’t working properly and we had to change that implementation as well.


Apart from this, we took the opportunity to do some small fixes / refactor of the code:

  • Expose Webpack errors and warnings in the npx frontity build command. #550
  • Deprecate the --publicPath CLI arg of the npx frontity dev and npx frontity build commands in favor of --public-path to be consistent with the rest of the arguments. #541
  • Remove the unused minimist dependency and its types. #450
  • Relax maxEntrypointSize option of Webpack’s performance. #547
  • Remove all the short flags from the CLI commands. #540
  • Fix environment variable names that were missing the middle command name in the create and create-package commands: from FRONTITY_NAME (wrong) to FRONTITY_CREATE_NAME (right). #545
  • Deprecate the URL import from "frontity" in favor of the new URL global that is now present in both the browser and Node 10+. #543
  • Fix two bugs with --no-prompt actually prompting in the create and create-package commands. #545
  • Update chalk version. #550

In progress

Not started