Sprint 4: useInfiniteScroll hook beta version released

Sprint 4 Planning

- Sprint board

On this sprint 4, we want to try to do it a bit longer, so it’ll be 4 weeks instead of 2. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to release anything in 4 weeks, we’ll consider to do a release at the middle of the sprint if we consider it necessary.

We’re going to focus on finishing and merging everything that is currently in progress from previous sprints mentioned before, both the Pull Requests from the Frontity team and external ones.

Once that is done, we want to start the research of the e2e tests for WordPress and solve all the high priority bugs that are left:

After this, we can keep working on the next user stories and features:

This is what is planned to be accomplished in the next 4 weeks. However, if we still have time, we’ll start working on the second part of the Native WordPress comments package:

Apart from that, we may ask Edu for some support to develop these features (or new ones.

Sprint 4 Review

For a more detailed view of the final status of the sprint you can check the GitHub board.

Note that, as we’re doing the release after the end of the sprint and we did a release at the middle of the sprint, some issues may differ in the announcement and in this review.

Frontity team review

Released - 50pt

We finished all the issues that were in-progress in the previous sprint, although most of them were almost done:

Between all the things we planned for the Sprint 4, we have finished:

And apart from this, we have included a couple of critical bugs that needed to be solved:

In progress - 43pt

There are some features included in this sprint that, although we didn’t finish them, are almost done:

Not started

We estimated better this time and we were able to, at least, start all the features that were planned for this sprint.

External development

All the in-progress features made by other Frontity users have been already finished. Some of them were released at the middle of the sprint.


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