Google Analytics package


We need to implement a package that adds the Google Analytics library and sends pageviews and events when the URL changes. Just adding the tracking code is not enough because Frontity works as a SPA.

User Stories

As a Frontity user
I want to add a package to include my tracking code
so that I don’t have to write that logic on my own theme.

Possible solution

It should be noted that there will be more analytics packages and some of them could be used at the same time in a Frontity project.

import { sendPageview, sendEvent, afterCSR } from "@frontity/analytics";
import GoogleAnalytics from "../types";

const googleAnalytics: GoogleAnalytics = {
  actions: {
    analytics: {
    ga: {
      sendPageview: ({ state }) => pageview => {
        // Do something with that pageview.
        console.log(, pageview);
      sendEvent: ({ state }) => event => {
        // Do something with that event.
        console.log(, event);
  state: {
    analytics: {
      namespaces: ["ga"]
    ga: {
      trackingId: "UA-123456-7"

export default googleAnalytics;

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