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We need to implement a package that adds the Google Analytics library and sends pageviews and events when the URL changes. Just adding the tracking code is not enough because Frontity works as a SPA.

User Stories

As a Frontity user
I want to add a package to include my tracking code
so that I don’t have to write that logic on my own theme.

Possible solution

It should be noted that there will be more analytics packages and some of them could be used at the same time in a Frontity project.

import { sendPageview, sendEvent, afterCSR } from "@frontity/analytics";
import GoogleAnalytics from "../types";

const googleAnalytics: GoogleAnalytics = {
  actions: {
    analytics: {
    ga: {
      sendPageview: ({ state }) => pageview => {
        // Do something with that pageview.
        console.log(, pageview);
      sendEvent: ({ state }) => event => {
        // Do something with that event.
        console.log(, event);
  state: {
    analytics: {
      namespaces: ["ga"]
    ga: {
      trackingId: "UA-123456-7"

export default googleAnalytics;

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@david I think your last post belongs to The `analytics` library instead?

You are right. Actually, the Analytics feature discussion was open the very same day this was posted so it had to be a mistake.

Should I move the post to the other FD?
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The first stable version for the @frontity/google-analytics package is ready!

There are not breaking changes for this package, as the settings for the frontity users remain the same, but it now uses the new version of the analytics library under the hood.


This has been included in the latest release :tada: : Read the full Release Announcement.

@david could you please add the final implementation here, for future reference? Maybe you can use the TSDocs to some extent.

Pull Request

Final implementation

The package was adapted to use the new version of @frontity/analytics and the following changes were made:

  • sendPageview and sendEvent were renamed to pageview and event respectively.

  • Its namespace is googleAnalytics.

  • The properties state.googleAnalytics.trackingId or state.googleAnalytics.trackingIds properties are used to specify the tracking IDs used by the package.

      state: {
        googleAnalytics: {
          // If you only specify a single tracking ID
          trackingId: "UA-34567890-12",
          // If you want to use a list of tracking IDs
          trackingId: ["UA-34567890-12", "UA-34567890-13"]
  • The pageview action receives an object with the properties title and link. It sends the pageview data to all traking IDs defined in the properties mentioned before.

      title: "The Beauties Of Gullfoss",
      link: "/2016/the-beauties-of-gullfoss/"

    This action is called automatically if is set to true.

  • The event action sends an event to all traking IDs defined in either state.googleAnalytics.trackingId or state.googleAnalytics.trackingIds.

      name: "Click",
      payload: {
        category: "Video",
        label: "Featured Media",
        value: 42,

    This action is not meant to be called directly. It is called automatically when calling and is set to true.

  • Note that you must pass an event object to with the following properties in order to be correctly sent to Google Analytics.

    Name Type Default Required Description
    name string - true The value of this property is mapped to the eventAction field of analytics.js events.
    payload Object - true Event payload.

    The payload object has the following format:

    Name Type Default Required Description
    category string - true The value of this property is mapped to the eventCategory field of analytics.js events.
    label string - false The value of this property is mapped to the eventLabel field of analytics.js events.
    value number - false The value of this property is mapped to the eventValue field of analytics.js events.
    [key] any - false Any other property specified in analytics.js field reference.
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