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Important things to consider about this category:

  • We have our own public Roadmap, so people can have more visibility of what we have in mind, and we will add a topic for each feature at this category to follow the progress of it and discuss the best implementation with the community.

  • Everyone can suggest a new feature by opening a new topic following the template. We’ll review it and add it to our Roadmap after clarifying the needs.

  • You can vote for the features you are interested in. It’s an important factor for us in order to prioritize them and this way, you’ll also keep updated.

  • You can get involved in the design and development of each feature at its own topic.

  • Do you feel comfortable developing a feature yourself? Let us know and we’ll be glad to guide you :relaxed:

Feature Discussion States

The category a Feature Discussion is in, represents its current state in the workflow from creation to release:


Implementation Proposal template

<!-- Please, follow this template to be as efficient as possible. -->

# Description

<!-- Summary of the problem (from the perspective of the user), the context,
and the suggested solution. -->

# Glossary

<!-- New terms that appeared during the research or terms the readers may not
know. -->

# Context / Background

- Origin of the problem
- Reasons why the problem is worth solving
- How the problem affects users
- Past efforts made to solve the solution and why they were not effective

# Goals

<!-- Functionalities we decided to include in the initial version.  -->

# Out of Scope

<!-- Functionalities that will be disregarded
or slated for a future time. -->

# Existing Solution / Workaround

- Current solution description
- Pros and cons of the current solution

# Implementation Proposal

- Description of the proposed solution.
- Pros and cons of the proposed  solution.
- Limitations.

# Acceptance Criteria / Requirements

<!-- List requirements and constraints that need to be met. -->

# Test Plan

<!-- List of test scenarios:
- Required unit tests.
- Required E2E tests.
- Any other test.

# Alternate Solutions

- Summary statement for each alternative solution.
- Pros and cons for each alternative.
- Reasons why each solution couldn’t work.
- Ways in which alternatives were inferior to the proposed solution.

# Dependencies

<!-- List of Feature Discussions that need to be finished before this
one can be started. -->

# Individual Tasks

<!-- List of individual tasks needed to accomplish this feature, divided into
issues that can be developed in parallel. -->

# Documentation

<!-- Documentation requirements to fully reflect the new feature. Also
include requirements for Starter Themes or demos. -->

# Open Questions

<!-- Remaining questions that haven't been answered yet.  -->

# Related Featured Discussions

<!-- Any other Feature Discussion similar or related to this one. -->

# References

<!-- Links to documents and resources used when working on the research and
wish to credit. -->

@SantosGuillamot I have updated the template, but I didn’t add the functionalities. It has a “Goals” section and it’s meant to be used with user stories.

What do you think? Should we change it to “Funcionalities” and not require them to be written as user stories?

I don’t have a strong opinion here, but I feel we should switch from User Stories to Functionalities, at least for the moment, and see if we miss them or not.

Great. Update the template to reflect that if you want :slight_smile:

Final implementation template

# Final Implementation

<!-- Please, follow this template to be as efficient as possible. -->

<!-- Remember to open an issue in, linking to this Final Implementation, to ensure the feature is documented properly -->

## Pull Request

<!-- Link to the PR where it was implemented. -->

## Requirements

<!-- List requirements and constraints that are relevant to this feature. -->

## Functionalities

<!-- Functionalities we finally included in the initial version with a detailed explanation of how it works: how it works, how to use it (install a package? add a new setting?) and a code example/screenshot/quick video if relevant.  -->

## Out of Scope

<!-- Functionalities that were finally disregarded or slated for a future time. -->

## API changes

### Backward compatible changes

<!-- List of the changes that are backward compatible. -->

### Breaking changes

<!-- List of the breaking changes and how to migrate your old project. -->

### Deprecated APIs

<!-- List of the deprecated APIs. -->

## Technical explanation

<!-- Explanation of how this feature was implemented in terms of code. -->

## Demo

<!-- Images, videos, or CodeSandbox that could help to understand the feature -->