Router issues with trailing slash - Range Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Hey guys,

I have one remaining issue with my frontity deployment.

Error steps to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to any page like https://address/*
  2. Router tries to redirect you to https://address/*/ → notice the trailing slash!
  3. Error is thrown

Error screenshot

What actually happens:
You get redirected but no content is loaded anymore (I presume source.get bails)

Directly navigating to https://address/*/ does not cause any issues!


  • production
  • cmd: yarn frontity serve
  • “frontity”: “^1.14.3”
  • @frontity/tiny-router”: “^1.3.2”,
  • @frontity/core”: “^1.11.1”, → was broken with 1.10 also

yes, deterministic, only on built version, not in dev-mode

Live address:
Sorry, do no want to disclose this here, I can however send a private message to someone of the team.

Do you have any ideas how I can further debug this error?

Thank you very much so far for frontity. Saved me a lot of pain with stupid wordpress editors and injecting masses of custom scripts.

Best Regards

Hi @Eiden

Please have a look at the “Get Help” section of our Forum User’s Guide

To be able to help you with your issue the proper resources and information should be provided so any member of the community can reproduce the issue and get a better understanding of it.

I read that, that is why I stated that I cannot disclose the url and asked only for further steps to debug, not a solution. I will try to make a minimum viable repo and deploy it somewhere so everyone can see it but that is going to take much time. You can close/delete the topic for now if you like if my topic is not satisfactory.

Hey guys,

for anyone checking this thread:

The issue was actually that I had a package-lock.json in my repository and using npm in my deployment Dockerfile while using yarn otherwise. That means the issue was caused by version conflicts.

I appologize for not finding that before posting.