Comscore analytics package


The Comscore analytics package should allow to integrate Comscore with your site by just adding the client id. It’s one of the most used analytics services, especially for big publishers.

User Stories

As a Frontity user
I want to integrate Comscore in my project
so that I can use Comscore to monitor pageviews in my site.

Possible solution

The implementation would be very similar to the current beta of @frontity/google-analytics. It would need a component that adds the Comscore’s code snippet in SSR and a sendPageview action that would use the Comscore library to send pageviews.

The only difference is that Comscore doesn’t send events.

Possible implementation

Possible implementation


The component that renders the ComScore library. It would be something like this:

import React from "react";
import { Head, connect } from "frontity";

const ComScore = ({ id }) => (
    <script async src="" />
      {`<img alt="comScore" src="${id}&cv=2.0&cj=1" />`}

export default connect(ComScore);


Array of strings with ComScore tracking ids.


Action that sends the pageview data to ComScore. This is how we implemented this for the old framework version (relevant lines of code are marked):

It could be something like:

const ComScore = {
  actions: {
    comScore: {
      sendPageview: ({ state }) => () => {
        if (window.COMSCORE) {
          state.comScore.ids.forEach(id => window.COMSCORE.beacon({ c1: '2', c2: id }));
        } else {
          window._comscore = window._comscore || [];
          state.comScore.ids.forEach(id => window._comscore.push({ c1: '2', c2: id }));

The Comscore package (@frontity/comscore-analytics) was implemented and merged in dev, and it will be released soon.

A couple of things have changed though, regarding the proposed implementation:

  • The namespace for the package is comscoreAnalytics
  • The ids property in the state was renamed to trackingIds, which is more meaningful.

Also, the @frontity/analytics library was modified to support packages that do not implement the sendEvent action.

:bulb: Just mention too that these packages are still in beta and probably their API will change.