Support for Yoast plugin REST API fields

Right, I see your point.

I implemented state.source.entity() this way because for me it wasn’t clear how to know the type of an entity depending on the given link but I didn’t realize it is the same case as!

Using type guards here it’s a good idea. :+1:

By the way, would it be a good idea to add a warning when the yoast_head tag is not found?

In case people have not installed Yoast or the version is lower than 14…

It makes sense to me. Maybe also do the opposite in the head-tags package? If yoast_head is found we could recommend to use this package instead.

The new implementation has been released :tada: : Read the full Release Announcement .

This means that if you are using Yoast ^14.0, you should use this new package . And, if you’re using a previous version where the REST API is not supported by the Yoast plugin, or you use other SEO plugin, you can use the @frontity/head-tags package.

A quick demo of it: