Can't load the SEO content/tags/title from WP


Have searched around but couldn’t find an answer. Trying to get Frontity to load the SEO titles, but can’t seem to get it working.

So have installed the npm package and the wordpress package. Pretty much followed this guide.

Now on my site -

I am trying to update the tags for one page with this line, but I am not getting anything returned.

        const headTags = state.headTags.get("/blog/homepage/");

Also tried this but also getting empty. What URL is it, I need to hit? The docs are a bit vague here.

const headTags = state.headTags.get("");

Hi @saulable,

Welcome to the Community!

Sorry for the lack of documentation regarding this. There is an update in the docs still pending to be done.

Yoast SEO WP plugin was rewritten completely so we created the @frontity/yoast package to deal with these latest changes

So, I think that installing @frontity/yoast and add it to your Frontity project will solve your issue.

While we properly add this information to the docs, you can find info about this new package and its release here:

Hope this helps