[Meetup] Demoing Frontity Framework


I’m in touch with Brandon Dove, Co-Founder of Pixel Jar. He would like to present Frontity in a dev meetup group he runs. Isn’t that awesome? :grinning:

The meetup takes place next Monday, so he needs to know if it is possible to demo the framework by then or if it is still too early in development (and better to hold off until a month or so).

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@development-team, if you could share your thoughts and give him some visibility about the beta status, that would really helpful.

Thank you!

We hope to have a beta for this Friday, so he would be able to play with it during the weekend if that’s enough for him.

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Thanks @Reyes! I’ll definitely check it out on Friday. Obviously I don’t want to rush the dev team into anything they’re not already targeting. @luisherranz, I’ll keep an eye out for the beta.



Hey @brandondove, welcome to the community.

Don’t worry, Friday is our current target :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome @brandondove :slight_smile: Please let us know how it goes once you test the beta and keep us informed of your decision.

Whether you decide to present the framework next Monday or next month, we’d love to support the event somehow. Is there anything at all we can help with? What do you think about some free drinks for the attendees?

That’s very kind of you @Reyes. I think our attendees would enjoy that. What do you have in mind?

We had thought of some beers or Cokes, but it can be whatever you prefer! :slight_smile:

If you could share some details about the local meetup (such as the venue and the estimated number of participants), that would be great. Also, is the event announced in meetup.com? Or is this something more informal? Just curious to see if we can help with some promotion as well.

Thanks @brandondove!

That sounds great. We have a mix of age ranges, so maybe a little of both would work. I can purchase the drinks and send you a receipt on Tuesday. Then you can just paypal or venmo a reimbursement. I’ll mention that you guys are sponsoring the beverages as well.

This is the listing on meetup.com - https://www.meetup.com/OC-Wordpress-Group/events/cvpndqyzhbrb/.

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Great! Thanks for the information Brandon. I’ll continue the conversation about the drinks in a private message :slight_smile:

I’m afraid we won’t able to release the beta tomorrow, so maybe you prefer to present the framework in the next meetup. However, @luisherranz can give you a better idea tomorrow if there is anything ready to test. Sorry for any inconvenience!

No problem. I’ll check in to see what’s available to test over the weekend. If there’s nothing, we can definitely pick this up next month.

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Hey @brandondove. I’m really sorry but we weren’t able to finish everything needed to release the beta this weekend.

are you going to demo it in OC?
would love an invite to sit in?



Yep! We’ll be covering frontity at our next wcoc dev meetup on June 10. Come on by!


Hi Brandon, if you need any help in order to demo the framework, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Hi again @brandondove :slight_smile:

A few days ago, I opened a new topic to collect some posts and other useful resources we have written about the framework. You can find it here: https://community.frontity.org/t/useful-resources-to-talk-about-frontity-framework/.

I thought this could be helpful and wanted to share it with you. I would also like to work on some presentation slides soon - I’ll add them as soon as they are ready.

@Reyes, this is great! We’ll be going over the framework at our meetup on Monday. I’ll be reviewing the framework this week in preparation for that.


Hey @brandondove!

How was the meetup? We are curious about the impressions about Frontity in the event :blush:

@Pablo I messaged @Reyes earlier, but the demo went great! We didn’t run into any issues and there was a great discussion about headless WordPress after the demo. I did submit a github issue today with a bug(?) i ran into in my prep for the meeting.

There are definitely things that I want to personally follow up on with the framework to make sure I understand how everything works. Things like routing for custom post types, custom taxonomies, non-blog home pages, plugin support, authentication for membership sites, woocommerce/ecommerce, etc. We’re hoping to be able to do a follow up meetup next month that includes partial page react apps and headless woocommerce. If your team has any experience with those implementations, I’d love to hear more about that.

Thank you so much for your support in getting this demo to happen.

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It’s great to hear this :blush:

And also great to see so much interest, let me give you a brief answer to every point:

  • Support for Custom Post types and Custom taxonomies is in the roadmap for version 1.0 (in the wp-source section)
  • Support for non-blog homepages is something we already have under the radar, I talked with @luisherranz about this few weeks ago, but I’m not sure if this is ready or they are working on it.
  • Plugin support this depends on each plugin, everything depends on their integration with the REST API. For example with Advanced Custom Fields you can install https://wordpress.org/plugins/acf-to-rest-api/ to expose ACF in the REST API and then they will be available in Frontity. But let us know which plugins are you interested in, and we will check, a thread like this one in Dev Talk & Questions would be the best way.
  • Woocommerce We don’t have experience with this so far, but I can tell you that this is not the first time we hear people interested. I definitely can imagine a woocommerce extension for Frontity being created by the community in the short term. FYI, In the JavaScript for WordPress online conference, they will have a session about headless WordPress and ecommerce: https://twitter.com/zgordon/status/1138149331129831424
  • authentication for membership sites Not in the roadmap yet, I invite again you to open a topic in Dev Talk & Questions :slight_smile:

Thank you for showcasing Frontity on your meetup! :frontity:

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