Introduce yourself 👋

Hi ! I am new to Frontity ! As I was researching JS framework to build user interface for Wordpress LMS system. Great to be here.



Great to have you here as well @pyofchin, welcome to the Community!

I haven’t formerly introduced myself here, but I’m registered for over a month. So it’s long overdue to do this…

I am Dominique Pijnenburg, I’m one of three owners of a Dutch company called Noeste IJver (website). the developer part of our company isspecialized in developing custom WordPress websites. The other half of the company is focused on designing those custom sites, but also corporate identities, logo’s, etc.

We are looking into Frontity, I expect it might be the way-to-go for us to develop sites in the future, instead of the PHP based themes which we create now.


Hey @dominique great to have you here :blush:

May I ask how far do you see yourselves from transitioning to Frontity? If there’s something blocking you, could you share with us what is it?

We are constantly improving our product and docs, and this kind of info is really valuable.

Hey @Pablo!

There’s still many challenges to overcome for us, I will highlight some of these below. I am considering rebuilding our company’s site in Frontity as a case, to learn more about Frontity and see what questions will pop up during the process.

As mentioned above, my company is still living in a PHP world. We use JS for manipulating pages (and we mainly use jQuery for that), React is no common ground for us yet. So we have to educate ourselves.

No blogs, but corporate sites
We don’t really build many blog sites (where Frontity is perfect for), but Corporate sites. Some examples:

I haven’t seen many examples for these kind of sites yet, the only one that comes close is the site itself, but that’s just one page.

I am still a bit on a loss on how to use Gutenberg best. I know it’s possible to import the CSS file of the editor in your Frontity installation and then the default Gutenberg blocks will work. But I’m not sure how to implement custom Gutenberg blocks. Do I have to import a CSS file for every custom block?

I’ve also seen your talk on javascriptforwp about supporting Gutenberg and would like to re-watch it, but this isn’t possible yet. I don’t really have a clue about how you’ve added those custom blocks. Furthermore I’d like to see (and use) the front page of in Gutenberg, maybe that’ll clear things up.

I know you guys are working on this and I am very curious how it will work, but for now this is something that’s missing

Gravity Forms
We like the functionality of Gravity Forms very much, in my opinion it’s a much better plug-in then Contact Form 7. But CF7 has a Frontity package with support for some of the fields, Gravity Forms doesn’t. I’ve added a feature request for this on their site, but I’m unsure how fast (if ever) they will pick that up.

I haven’t invested much time in this, but I think creating a webshop with Frontity should be possible. But at the moment it seems like a lot of work to support all functionality of WooCommerce in Frontity. Feels like ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Live filtering
We use the plugin Search & Filter Pro a lot for live-filtering archive pages. I’m unsure on how to implement such a solution in a Frontity website.

Some more questions
Currently I’ve also posted some questions on the forum and am awaiting answers, but this is just the tip of the iceberg:


Hey @dominique thank you very much for your detailed answer :blush:

Corporate sites
It’s true that it can look like Frontity is more focused on WordPress blogs than in WordPress corporate sites, as our official themes are for blogs. In any case, I think that Frontity is also a really a good fit for corporate sites as well, as you can build a really performant UI with instant navigation that will create a great impression on the visitors. A really good example of this is the website (showcase thread). I’m really excited about the upcoming release of the auto-prefetch, this will allow everyone to make any page-load feel instant in a really easy way.

As soon as the talks of the JavaScript for WordPress conference are available on Youtube @SantosGuillamot is planning to write a detailed guide explaining how we built our site and the best practices to combine Gutenberg and Frontity.

Good to know that there’s interest on this area.

I know that @juanma and @mburridge are experimenting the current possibilities, and are planning to release a Frontity Talk video sharing their research combining WooCommerce and Frontity.

Right now I think that the best resource is this thread: How do I add woocommerce endpoint to the state?

Live filtering
I invite you to open a thread and share your research and the challenges encountered with the plugin that you mention.

Happy to see that you are actively sharing your questions in the community and also helping others!

See you around :blush:


Hi @dominique,

I haven’t seen many examples for these kind of sites yet, the only one that comes close is the site itself, but that’s just one page.

In addition to what @Pablo mentioned, here are a few more examples:

You can also check them out in our showcase page: We are planning to add more as soon as we have the permission of their authors and clients. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


Hello my Name is Alfredo Navas, from Costa Rica, I work as a Frontend Engineer at WebDev Studios, really excited for what I can build with Frontity


Welcome to the community Alfredo!


I’m Osi. I just started using frontity for clients projects.

I’m glad such a tool exists


Hi @vicraph7, welcome! Great to have you here! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to seeing your projects and hearing from your experience. Keep us posted on your progress.

Hi everyone!, my name is Riccardo Tagliavia restarting a web developer career after a decade and catching up.
Love Frontity and I’m currently using the platform for the redesign of a large University in Panamá.
Have to be honest online resources on Frontity are a bit scarce, will add to my personal site a tutorial on the platform in Spanish to contribute.

Thanks for this awesome project!


Hey @rtagliavia welcome to the community :blush:!

This sounds awesome! Keep us posted on this project, we would love to see the result.

Thanks for your feedback and your offering. I’d be great if you can contribute with a tutorial :blush: Regarding the available online resources, I invite you to take a look to this playlist where we are gathering some community tutorials.

Thanks for the warm welcome Pablo!, already followed all the videos in that playlist along with some others.

To be honest I’m having a hard time with the CPTs, but decided to hold on that part for a couple days and get a grasp on the BeforeSSR and the handlers.

After reading the community posts I want to thank the Frontity team for being so helpful.

Will be posting detailed info about the project, after getting permission from the client.

Wish you all an amazing day!

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Hi @rtagliavia,

To be honest I’m having a hard time with the CPTs, but decided to hold on that part for a couple days and get a grasp on the BeforeSSR and the handlers.

Regarding this, our DevRel team published a new video on CPTs. Not sure if you are already aware of it - just wanted to share it in case it helps. :slight_smile:

Hi there :wave:

Just thought I’d say and introduce myself. I’m a web developer with 5 years of experience. I typically develop WordPress using the roots stack. More recently I’ve been learning React and exploring options to combine WordPress with React, which is why it’s very exciting to discover Frontity. I plan on using Frontity to build my new personal website, and would love to help contribute to the framework.

Many thanks,



Hi @peter.aiello :wave:

Welcome to Frontity! It’s great to have you here.

Please keep us posted with your progress! We would love to see your new personal site once you have it.

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Drishti here
i recently got to know about frontity .
i have few doubts regarding the integration .
Can we integrate material-ui with frontity

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Hello Drishti,

Welcome to the community. yes, you can integrate any component library with frontity. let me know if you have any other doubts regarding frontity.



Hi Drishti,

Welcome! Great to have you here. :slight_smile: In case you want to take a look, there was already a conversation about material-ui in this thread: Site with some issues and improvements. Hope it helps.