Do Plugin actions work in Frontend?

Hello all, I’m totally new here so I wanted to ask if I have any unknown plugin for example a simple plugin that renders a table on the frontend and I have above the table a button where a modal pops up and I can add data to the table, will this action also work on the React frontend of Frontity? If no why and what are the steps to make wp plugin actions work? Or is Frontity only for showing text to the users?


Not sure if I understood the use case correctly, but the plugin won’t work out of the box. You would need to adapt the functionality to Frontity, but it’s totally possible and it shouldn’t be difficult. Frontity is not just for showing text to users, you can include actions so you change the state of the app, it’s like working with React. You have tons of possibilities and you could replicate the plugin you mentioned.

If you give us a more detailed explanation of your use case we can guide you better through the implementation.

For example I use rhe premium plugin wpDataTables, what are the first steps to make it work with Frontity?

Can you provide a link to a post where you are using it? The first thing would be to check if the plugin is compatible with the REST API and how it is inserting the table inside content.