How to implement a searchable database feature


I’m relatively new to Frontity, and am working on a searchable database feature for my client’s grant page. A site they would like to model this feature off of is here. I’ve been checking out some of the plugins wordpress has to offer that may help me, and the solutions I have come down to are “wpDataTables” and “Participant’s Database”.

It seems like zela ran into a similar problem upon integrating wpDataTables with Frontity. Their solution to “do the exact same thing wpDataTable does” seems like it will be mine as well. My only problem…I don’t know how wpDataTables does what they do. I have very limited experience in dealing directly with databases, let alone building my own.

At the moment I’m a little lost. Could someone help me understand how ACF could be used to help create a feature similar to wpDataTables in Frontity? Even just a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have a solution other than this I’m open to hear it. Again, just looking for a direction to move in.

Hi @kcristin,

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Frontity makes use of the data in Wordpress through its REST API. That means that as long as there’s an endpoint available in the WorsPress REST API, Frontity will be able to use that data.

So it doesn’t really matter the WordPress plugin you use as long as there are endpoints available to interact with that data

Here you have a few threads of other community members implementing search features in their projects:

Hope this helps

Awesome! Thank you so much for getting back to me. I apologize for replying so late, I’ve messed around with the REST api previously and just wasn’t sure what was steps I would’ve needed to take to make this happen.

Once it’s completed, I’ll report back here on the plugins I used to get the data table to work. Thanks for the help again.

Loving Frontity so far! Can’t wait to see it further solidified in the Wordpress space.