Sprint 11: AMP package - beta version

Sprint 11 Planning

This sprint will go from January 26th to February 24th. This is going to be our focus:

Finish the WIP issues:

High priority bugs

AMP package - beta version

Based on this implementation proposal:

It isn’t included here but we want to start analyzing which functionalities we should include for a Consent Management Platforms solution and open a proper Feature Discussion. There is a lot of uncertainty on this regard so we have to investigate it first.

Apart from this, if we still have time, we would like to start a conversation about the best way to approach a fallback for old browsers where only Server Side Rendering is available (IE).


@david, @mmczaplinski: Cris and I made a video this morning going over all the AMP issues: AMP package

The Server Extensibility Implementation Proposal is finished: Server Extensibility


Sprint 11 Review

You can check the Sprint board for more details, but here you have a summary of what we have accomplished.

There are some issues we have been working on but they are still in progress. This is the status: