Site with some issues and improvements

Hi Wizards,

I have been building this site with frontity

but i am having a few issues

You can check this in console after sign in.

  1. How to Style Pages coming from Wordpress Directly. There is no separate component. everything is handling using post.js


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We’ll take a look. Thanks for sharing @aeyzazkhan, it looks like an amazing project :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Nothing on this? The site takes too long to load. All i am doing is fetching menu from backend in SSR

Sorry, I’ve been super busy. Taking a look right now.

First of all, you’ve published the “development” version instead of the “production” version. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but just in case:

  • Development: npx frontity dev
  • Production: npx frontity build

You should do npx frontity dev when you are developing in your computer because you’ll get proper error messages, autorefresh (HMR) and so on. But once you want to upload your code to production, use npx frontity build. If you need to run Frontity in a Node server (instead of deploying to a serverless service) use npx frontity build && npx frontity serve.

You can distinguish between both versions because the development version tries to connect to a webpack endpoint: and because the main javascript bundle is much bigger (10Mb in your case).

Apart from that, I see that

1. The CSS in the SSR is not working properly.

The content seems to be there, but for some reason the CSS doesn’t work until the JavaScript bundle is loaded.

Could you please paste here an example of your CSS? Are you using styled?

2. The menu doesn’t appear in the SSR

Could you please paste here the code of your menu and how are you adding it to the theme?

Do you want to style all pages or a specific page?

For all pages, you can create a <Page> component.

        {(data.isFetching && <Loading />) ||
          (data.isArchive && <List />) ||
          (data.isPage && <Page />) ||     <-- Add a component for pages
          (data.isPostType && <Post />) ||
          (data.is404 && <Page404 />)}

If it’s a specific page and you know the id or the url, you can use that:

        {(data.isFetching && <Loading />) ||
          (data.isArchive && <List />) ||
          (data.isPage && === 17 && <Page17 />) ||   <-- Add a component for page 17
          (data.isPostType && <Post />) ||
          (data.is404 && <Page404 />)}

I am using Material UI here and creating styles using MakeStyles

const useStyles = makeStyles(theme => ({
    root: {},
    mainFeaturedPost: {
        position: 'relative',
        backgroundColor: theme.palette.grey[800],
        color: theme.palette.common.white,
        marginBottom: theme.spacing(4),
        backgroundSize: 'cover',
        backgroundRepeat: 'no-repeat',
        backgroundPosition: 'center',
        borderRadius: '10px',
        width: '100%'
    overlay: {
        position: 'absolute',
        top: 0,
        bottom: 0,
        right: 0,
        left: 0,
        backgroundColor: 'rgba(0,0,0,.3)',
        borderRadius: '10px'
    mainFeaturedPostContent: {
        position: 'relative',
        padding: theme.spacing(3),
        [theme.breakpoints.up('sm')]: {
            padding: theme.spacing(6),
            paddingRight: 0,
    leftSection: {
        padding: '5px'
    headingWithBorder: {
        paddingBottom: '5px',
        borderBottom: '6px dashed #ffc700',
    embedMargin: {
        marginBottom: '1em',
        background: 'rgb(0,0,0,0.1)'

That is intentional, as i regularly pull the project code from my git.

Ok, but make sure to switch to production once the site is published!

It looks like Material UI requires some additional configuration for server side rendering:

I’ve added a "@frontity/material-ui" package to our roadmap in order to solve this.

is there any solution that can solve this problem, as this site going to be live very soon and need to fix this issue.

It shouldn’t be difficult once we add the server extensibility, which is one of our next steps because it’s needed for other packages as well. I think I’m going to be able to dedicate some time during this month. Once the server extensibility is ready, the "@frontity/material-ui" package should be really easy to do.

I will be able to give you instructions to create it yourself in case you want to get involved. But you cannot start until the server extensibility is ready.

Hello, my application needs to be deployed to live server and without this fix i wont be able to push it live

Hey @aeyzazkhan. If you need this feature right now, my recommendation is to do the SSR of Material UI yourself until we release the official package. You can either:

  • Fork @frontity/core.
  • Use something like patch-package to change the files.

This is the guide for SSR of Material UI:

The only @frontity/core file you need to change is:

I’ve just tested it and it works great. You can see the changes you need to do in my commit:

The useEffect to delete the CSS on the client can be added in your own theme, it doesn’t need to be in core:

React.useEffect(() => {
    const jssStyles = document.querySelector('#jss-server-side');
    if (jssStyles) {
  }, []);

Thanks it worked, there are still a few elements that wont load properly could you please have a look