Problem with links with `utm` campaings

Any update to this feature? WpSource: Define a map of `allowedQueries` to only preserve them in data references (links)

I had to implement what I feel is a hack in the beforeSSR actions (see code below) to not allow the utm param to be passed to the wp api, as it was giving me a 404 return:

// Removing param from router link so that its not passed to the WP json api
var find ="utm");
if (find > 0) { ='?')[0];

Links with utm campaings work fine in Frontity ( so I’m not sure what may be going on.

Could you reproduce the issue in a CodeSanbox ( so we can take a look? Thanks!

My work around for this was just: = state.frontity.initialLink ='?')[0];

That way it wasn’t trying to redirect

I’m sorry @ryanaker but I still don’t see where is the problem. I’ve never heard of 404 problems because of utm campaigns before.

What version of the Frontity core/packages are you using? Is it the latest?

@luisherranz so with this Google UTM url:{{adgroupname}}&utm_term={%2Bstellate%20%2Bganglion%20%2Bblock}&adgroupid={114318186434}&campaign_id={11357676474}&adid={474440694640}&gclid=Cj0KCQiA0MD_BRCTARIsADXoopZPQ1IOYQJr7SOUHZL5vgOT81W9Q-oKYbwzQq85e4agtU6NxBq5llQaAiVpEALw_wcB

You’ll see in browser address bar that it will update the (removing params) and for whatever reason Frontity tries to find that page/route.

Our site is only custom pages as of right now, so its not using the full effects of frontity.

I’d be happen to have you look at our repo, I also have another issue needing help with:

Let’s see if I understand this correctly. For example:

  • For this initial link:{{adgroupname}}
  • It is escaping it to this:

Is that correct? If so, where is the problem? Don’t Google Analytics unescape it correctly or is there any other issue?