Query parameters for post bugging out on Vercel deployment

I have successfully deployed the website on Vercel and it has been amazing so far. However we are using something called buffer.com to manage social media posts.


Buffer will create a link such as: Passionate Retailers Speak Out About Cycle Lane

It encounters the error: Uncaught (in promise) InternalError: too much recursion, and the page content and banner ads will not load, nor the recommended posts!

However if we trim the link down to: Passionate Retailers Speak Out About Cycle Lane it will work (even with the fbclickid parameter set).

The strange thing is, if I try this link locally (npm run dev) it will work (with the original link)! Is this a Vercel issue? Has anyone encountered the same sort of issue?

Or in other words, is there any way to completely sanitise these kinds of inputs?

For future reference, this issue was solved in this other thread: