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Buenos días,

acabo de crear un nuevo proyecto con Frontity y he modificado el fichero packages/mars-theme/src/components/headers.js he eliminado la siguienrte linea.

Pero en la web sigue apareciendo la descripción, por mucho que modifique los componentes los cambios no se ven reflejados en la web.

Hi @xagustin93

Thanks for your query. Removing that line should remove the description from the header. Just wanted to check, have you tried clearing your browser cache?


Here’s something else to try, change the description in the frontity.settings.js file at state.frontity.description. Does that change show up in the browser?

He entrado con varios navegadores, modo incógnito y nada te dejo dos capturas.

When I edit header.js in the same way the description disappears for me, so I’m not sure what’s going on for you. I’ll ask around the team and see if anyone has any ideas.

I’ll get back to you soon.

By the way, we usually try to reply in English in the forum, but you can translate the content following this guide .

Hi @xagustin93

We think it’s because you may be using yarn. Try running npx frontity dev or npm run dev instead of yarn dev.

See Support for yarn

Let me know if that fixes it for you.

If the problem is because of yarn, you have to delete your node_modules folder and do npm install instead of yarn.

Con npm run dev si que funciona, pero por que no funciona con yarn ?

@xagustin93 Please see Support for yarn for more detail.

@xagustin93 FYI → Frontity release: Yarn now works with Frontity