My new Mental Health website!

Hey everyone, I finally finished my new mental health blog and resource website. Well, I at least got it to a point where I was happy to finally launch it. I will be adding more to it for sure.

Thanks to @mburridge for responding to my many questions over the past week.

Here is my github repo if anyone wants to see what I did. I need to organize my files better, but that’s a project for tomorrow.

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Hey @matthewbertweb great to see the result of your work!

I encourage you to take a look to our latest release, which includes the “Auto-prefetch” feature. It will be a great improvement to the UX of your site!

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Great work, Matthew! Thank you for sharing your progress on Twitter, too! :slight_smile:

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For auto prefetch, is it just a matter of adding autoPrefetch: "hover" to frontity.settings? I have everything up to date, and added that like in the video example, but im not seeing anything in the console as I hover.

Are you using the <Link /> component?

Yes. Is there anything I need to add to that component?

I just updated my repo if you want to see if I’m missing something.

Hey @matthewbertweb let’s move the discussion of your issue here: Problems with the auto-prefetch feature. Can you add your repo there? So we investigate both examples together :wink:

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