Multilingual site - wordpress - frontity

Hello great Community,

I’m developing a site with Frontity. The site has to be bilingual (English and Spanish). I have some experience with react, but completely new in the WordPress world. I read about it and here are the options I found.

1.- Using a plugin for free but with a limit of 2000 words translated on my site (but probably the site will have more words than that)

2.- Using subdomains in order to create “2 WordPress content manager” (one for EN and the other for ES), It that makes sense? If so, That means that … I would have two different wp-json URLs? Does Frontity allows you to have two different URLs to fetch data on your site in different custom themes?. How Can I do that? or it is completely non-sense?.

3.- Paying for a plugin (but probably there’s no budget for that, haha).

Please, Could you suggest the best way to face this problem?
Sorry if I asking a lot, but I wanna be sure before jumping into one of these options.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @alex.fernando.801

Welcome to the Frontity community. It’s great to hear that you’re using Frontity for your project.

Regarding your option 2, yes Frontity allows you to connect to multiple URLS. See our docs here for more info on this.

Having two sites means more admin overhead in that each post will need to be posted in two different places, once in each language, so a plugin might help to reduce that overhead.

If you’re posting relatively infrequently, i.e. it’s a personal blog, and you don’t mind doing everything twice (e.g. featured image, categories, tags, etc… for each post) then option 2 could be a good option.

For a busier site with multiple contributors then option 3 is probably a better bet, if you need to make a case for a budget allocation! :grinning:

Hope this helps.