Options for Implementing Translations

Hi all,
Really looking for some help on translations here. I’m struggling to understand how it would work and I’ve read a few posts from others but it seems hard to implement. Is there anyone from Frontity who can outline options and show examples of Frontity sites and how they have implemented say an English language site with a language picker to toggle to a different language.

I guess in terms of technical details:

  • Pages, posts, etc. are consumed via the WP api which exposes them in English. Does that mean that if I had content in say Japanese my WP api would expose the content in Japanese? Is that how the translation works?

  • If the above is true. What’s the easiest way to expose the content in the api for different languages AND subsequently switch between them in the app?

Again I’d like to avoid having multiple wordpress instances if possible. Also I’m not opposed to using a plugin like WPML or something but am interested to know how to integrate that into Frontity.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sattley ,

Here you have some threads of people implementing multilanguage sites with Frontity:

Hope this helps