Invalid renderer id "1"

Sorry guys for this question, but I don’t know where to ask I except here :hugs:

sometimes when I refresh the site I find this message in console and the browser starts to be very slow and every thing seems to be frozen

Thank guys

Hello @modyydom! Can you provide more information about this issue? A code snippet will go a long way in helping us help you with the issue.

I really can’t know what is the code that causes this issue

I finished the whole website and I can’t figure what is the cause

I tried to remove sections and see if this fixes the issue

And one more thing, it has no rules, sometimes it happens and sometimes now and I don’t know how to reproduce the issue.

I know that my description is awful but I don’t know where to go :frowning:

:thinking: So, the issue seems to be from SSR. Can you expand your stack trace and send a screenshot?

@modyydom Are you by any chance using React Select or an external library? Can you provide a code snippet of component(s) where any of the external libraries are being used?

Thanks @modyydom and @iamuchejude.

It seems like a problem with the React DevTools and you’re not the first one to experience this, so I don’t think this is due to your libraries.

The warning comes from this file:

There are three lines that could be consoling this: 207, 235 and 522.

console.warn(`Invalid renderer id "${rendererID}"`);

@modyydom it’d be amazing if you could:

  • Inspect the warning to see which line it is the one that does the console.warn.
  • Try with Firefox. Install the React DevTools there and tell us if the problem appears.
  • I don’t know it doesn’t seem easy to reproduce, but any clue would be really valuable. Even if it’s something like “after 30 minutes” or “after I start changing styled-components”… Anything can be useful :slight_smile:

@modyydom did you have any luck investigating this issue?

I have discovered that this problem is due to the current scheduler which we are going to change to solve this other problem: