Introduce yourself 👋

Hi! My name is Will. I’m a new graduate, looking to build a website for a client. Headless CMS was something I just discovered. After researching React Frameworks for Wordpress… I found Frontity! Awesome job guys, looking forward to digging into it more. I just setup the example app.


Hi @wtzr, and welcome!

Many thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: We should definitely give more visibility to all the themes that are available. Keep us posted of your progress!

Hi @waldnont ! Thank you for the nice words, and welcome to the community! We look forward to seeing what you build with Frontity :blush:

Hello, Thank you for warm welcome


Hi fellow Frontity users,
I’ve posted to the forum a few times already and realized I forgot to introduce myself :grinning: I work as a Front End developer in Northern California - I know the shock! I’ve decided to port a part of one of our marketing websites over to Frontity for real world testing. Reasons for the trial are:

  • To be able to use React components for better ui consistency, testability, etc.

  • Obviously the WordPress as a data source thing is huge and we have a large, legacy WordPress site

  • Performance, we are hoping to boost page load times to decrease bounce rate

Anyway I like what I’ve been able to achieve so far and am glad to be a part of the Community! Cheers!


Hey @sattley great to have you here :blush:

Love to see what are your motivations for using Frontity, as you can imagine we are great believers of the potential of combining WordPress with React. Happy to see that one of your main concerns is the developer experience.

Btw, it’d be great to see what you’ve built and understand if you have been able to accomplish your goals. If you have the time, I’d love to read about your case in the Showcases section :slight_smile:

Hi Frontity community! :wave: My name is Zach, and I work in SEO. Joining the Frontity community as I help with some sites that have recently migrated over to Frontity. :partying_face:

Looking forward to meeting y’all and learning more about the framework. Once I get plugged into the community a bit more, I’ll be looking first into XML sitemaps + Frontity, as that’s a tough pain point for the sites I’m looking at right now. :tipping_hand_man:

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Hey @zldoty :wave:

Welcome to Frontity :blush: I’d love to check the sites that have migrated to Frontity, can you share the links?

I’m sure the community will be happy to help you with your questions in the #dev-talk-questions section.

Hi! My name is Lionne. I’m a dentist by trade but closed my clinic due to the pandemic, so I got into blockchain development. Please go easy on a noob :).

Over the past month and a half, I’ve literally spent 24/7 learning the back-end code to create a website that will sell an NFT (not a marketplace, just sell a company’s NFT) and I’d love to be able to integrate a front-end website. I’m running the truffle framework (to deploy the contract via the Alchemy’s node server) alongside Node.js on the backend. Will this work with Frontity + worpress as the frontend?

Thank you and look forward to growing with the community!


Hi @8vejovis8

Welcome to the Frontity community. The project you’re working on sounds really interesting.

To answer your question, in a normal configuration Frontity is the frontend and WordPress is the backend. Frontity will normally source it’s data from the WordPress REST API, but it can fetch data from other sources too. Frontity uses the wp-source package to get it’s data, but you can use JavaScript’s fetch API within a component to get data from other sources too.

Hope this helps, and do please let us know how you get on with this extremely interesting project.


thanks for your input, @mburridge. definitely pointed me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Good day!

I’m Joseph, web developer from the Philippines. First of all, thank you very much for Frontity it was a great framework.

I worked with different wordpress projects and I wanted to convert to frontity my personal recipe blogs. I wanted to try how great this framework :slight_smile:

Nice to virtually meet you guys.


I am a developer , Last day I develop a wonderful gaming tool, which is used to help easily success

Hey guys, really happy to see lots of comments, that shows the community expressions about Frontity :grinning:

It is very good to be ready to update technologies as required, the time when WordPress UI was a super thing that everyone was liking it because at that time there was nothing good than this for common people.

Then the concept of Headless CMS came, and it broke the dependencies of WordPress UI in the market, users want more flexibility over accessing websites.

And many good developers, organizations tried to provide a better solution for Headless CMS, and Frontity is one of the best among them.

Although Frontity had done a great job till now, still it has very limited features. So as big as the Frontity community will be, the opportunity of Frontity will increase.

It may be in the future, developers can make another Framework that will depend on Frontity. Infinite opportunity can be founded just need the vision to provide a good user experience.

Oh, by the way, I am Santosh Devnath 28 years old, and I started my programming carrier in 2013 at my college time and now I am the CTO at Next Web Guru and the co-founder of BabaCric.

All the best guys, hope we create a better world for the web :pray:


Hey thanks for the description about how Frontity can be made more popular in the future.

I can definitely see where it is going because of WordPress and react coming together especially in the next year 2022.

Hi guys my name is Michael Sumner - currently looking into react and WordPress.

I really like how there is a community of like-minded Frontity developers… is this the best place where we can learn how to work with Frontity or are there other areas where we can discuss such as Slack or within WordPress?

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Hi guys!
I’m Beatriz from Brazil based in Lisbon.
I started learning web developer last year, but before this I’ve been working as no code developer freelance.
So now I’m study ways to continue use wordpress with the new things I’ve been learning.

I’m so happy to be part of this community!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello! I’m Jeremy, I am a Wordpress/Drupal/PHP web developer based in Washington DC (at the moment.) I’ve just using Frontity as I’m looking to learn ReactJS, as that is what the market demands now. I fear my skills are a bit rusty, and I haven’t gone through the typical web developer education - my college education is in journalism and Japanese, and I learned web development as a child when my dad brought home an HTML picture book that I read cover to cover. I honestly feel relatively blue-collar compared to other developers, as much of my career has been “Client wants Product X linked up to Product Y, find the right adapter and shove it on them.” Since then I’ve been a bit adrift as to what I need to know, but I am confident that learning Frontity as a bridge between my Wordpress/PHP experience and more advanced ReactJS is the way to go.

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Hello :wave:,
I’m Carlo from Italy and I’m very happy to join this community.
I’m a web developer and I’m working on many projects about wordpress, react, javascripts and electron.
My last project is about a wordpress website developed with gatsby. I’ve to switch from gatsby to frontity. I never used frontity, so I’m going to study the docs and collecting more information about it.
Thank you for your attention.
Warm regards :upside_down_face:

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