Instant search

Hi all :wave:,

I’m currently looking at creating a website with a custom ecommerce part. In this site it’s mandatory that we have an instant search from te header. So there is an input and underneath should appear the results.

And if possible, they would like to be able to search the site (information only) or the eccommerce part (products only, about 60.000, with synonyms) using a select.

Are there any packages available or are people aware of react components that could help me?

At this moment I’ve not started working on it so I could fit in anything actually :sweat_smile:

Let’s do this, shall we?! :muscle:

Interesting. I was just considering testing out elasticsearch with fronitity earlier today. Have you ever used that before in a “classic” wordpress setup?

@403page No I haven’t. When using Woocommerce I used to use Yith Woocommerce ajax search. Could you explain it a bit?