How can I access WordPress Default RSS Feed using Frontity?

I am not able to find any documentation regarding the RSS feed.

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Here you have some threads where you can find different approaches for having a RSS feed in a Frontity project

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Hi @juanma,

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Is there any way to access WordPress RSS feed? I have created a custom RSS feed in WordPress and I don’t want to rework with Frontity. Can I call that custom WP RSS feed using API or something?

@hajareshyam, We are currently working in a new mode (a new way of implementing Frontity) that we call Embedded Mode and that it seems to be the best solution for your use case

Although we’re still working on this mode we have available a Proof of Concept that it’s been implemented successfully in some big projects

By implementing Frontity in this mode any RSS feed that you have in WordPress will work just fine.

Hope this helps

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