RSS feed

Do you have any suggestion, how to create an RSS feed for the Frontity site?
WordPress has built-in RSS support, e.g, for my site, I can find it here:
I installed and modified WP Headless Mode plugin, to redirect the visitors from (where WP is installed) to (my Frontity site), except when visiting So if somebody visits now, he can open the RSS feed, which contains links like:, but if he/she visits it, he will be redirected to the correct frontity page, so it does working now, although it’s not the most elegant solution.
Any suggestion/idea?

Hi @koli14

I think what you’re already doing is a good approach, i.e. using the native WP RSS feed and then redirecting to the page on the Frontity site.

If you want to implement your own RSS feed from the Frontity site then this might help:

This might also point you in the right direction:

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.