Help! Lots of Question before taking start on Frontity?

I am new at Frontity Framework and I am looking for it for creating my new website in it. But I have some question. can anybody clear that.

1- how can I create modern design page like I need to create pages through WordPress using any builder e.g gutenberg and fetch them into Frontity.

2- Suppose I have create an new page. So we need to add that page each time into code?

3- I have PSD which we need to convert into theme so I am looking for frontity.

4- How can we use the plugin code functionality inside it??

can anybody send any live website which many pages and design are manage through wordpress admin panel and frontend get through Frontity framework.

Welcome to the community @techleadz.wpteam :slight_smile:

Yes, you can do that. We’re going to release a @frontity/gutenberg package to add the needed CSS out of the box. More info on that progress here: Gutenberg Support

No. Frontity will analyze any URL against your WordPress installation (using the REST API) and will output any content you have there, either new or modified. No need to touch the code.

In Frontity you design your site using a combination of React components and Styled components.

With those two tools, you can create anything you want :slight_smile:

I didn’t get this question. Could you please provide more details?

Frontity is just for the theme part, but using React instead of PHP. Whatever you add in the content of your posts/pages in the WordPress dashboard will appear in your final site.

how can I get Contact form 7 Shortcode inside Frontity.

We are going to release a Frontity package for Contact Form 7.

Using it would be as simple as adding that package in your frontity.settings.js file.

In your WP dashboard, you will be able to use the CF7 shortcodes like you’re used to.

Contact Form 7 is just as an example. How can i use multipe plugin like Event Calender , Woocommerce, revolution slider plugin??

You have to check if those plugins have support for the WP REST API and then access/modify their data using the REST API or wait for a Frontity package like the one Imran and Smit are doing for CF7 right now.

sorry for late reply. Thanks for guiding me. I have another question.How we can manage SEO functionality or it’s use same WordPress Default SEO?
Suppose! I have used yoast Plugin then it’s compatible.

We are going to release our own Yoast Meta plugin for WordPress. Once this plugin is released you’ll have to do two things to add Yoast support in a Frontity project:

  • Install the REST API Yoast Meta by Frontity PHP plugin in your WordPress (it will be published in the WordPress plugin repository).
  • Install the @frontity/yoast package from npm and add it to your frontity.settings.js file.

The current status is:

  • @frontity/yoast package is 95% ready.
  • The PHP plugin is 80% ready.

I expect we’ll be able to publish everything along with its documentation in 2-3 weeks.

:point_right: Update:

Instead of the REST API Yoast Meta plugin and @frontity/yoast package, we finally released the REST API - Head Tags plugin and @frontity/head-tags package: Frontity release: REST API - Head Tags plugin and package.

These add support for SEO plugins like Yoast or All in One SEO Pack in a Frontity project.


Can we use shortcodes inside frontity for Contact form 7?

Hi @hammad

You can’t include shortcodes directly in your component files. Shortcodes only work from within WordPress. Any content rendered by the shortcode will be returned from the WordPress REST-API in the JSON.

Hope this helps.