Full page editing (WordPress 5.8)

Yo yo!

With WordPress getting super close to full site editing with Gutenberg… they have added in some really interesting sitewide blocks (like site logo, etc). They also added support for a theme.json that will contain things like global colors.

I’m thinking about making a plugin that added endpoints for all these new blocks (and the ones on the roadmap, like headers and footers).

Wouldn’t it be super cool for non-devs to be able to update these components in the wordpress backend with gutenberg and theyll reflect automatically on their frontity site without needing to rebuild it?

I think so. Interested in any thoughts you fine folks might have.


Hi @403page,

This would be cool, I started to look at this a few months ago, but never got off the ground.

@luisherranz wrote a topic and recorded a video about this at the end of 2020, maybe you can find something interesting there.

It would be very useful, especially when both the rendered HTML and the block values are returned.

This way you can decide in the react theme if you simply want to parse the HTML or want to throw the values in a custom (or pre-defined) component.

One of my side projects is to do something similar for Oxygen Builder (page/theme editor build with Angular), so clients can build their site in WP and let it handle by Frontity without parsing the full HTML as if it was a static website.
Still very far away from even an alpha version due to time limitations, but technically the REST API for it is already working (got a snippet or two posted on this forum).

So if possible it would be great to make the responses filterable in WP so Page/theme builders can hooked into it as well.