Frontity Starter theme

this is the starter theme I’ve built for frontity:

It’s styled with theme-ui (, which is super flexible, and brings dark mode!
and for interactive elements like the slide menu I used grommet ( which is built on the styled system like theme-ui, so you can have a central theme to rules your styles!

The goal of this work was first to learn frontity building something real, and also build a tool for myself and the community, simple enough to let creativity open, allowing to build something totally different on top of it, but with well organized files and all the basic functionalities (I have not build a search, but I will as soon as I have time), as well as nice enough to be used directly, and pleasant to begin a new project.

So I hope you will like it!

I have worked a lot with gatsby before discovering frontity (I’m about to launch the firsts premium gatsby wp themes: , and I also plan to port theses theme to frontity!) so I can say that both frameworks have their utility, what I have loved in frontity is the fact that you can publish in wordpress and see it published immediately in frontity, and I love the centralized state! Impatient to build real clients frontity websites!

Feedback and PR are welcome!

I plan also to grab a video to show how I build it!


Welcome to the community @alexaspalato :raised_hands:

Really happy to see the result of your first Frontity project, thanks for sharing it with us and also for giving such a great starter theme to the community :blush:


This is really great! Thank so much for sharing a fantastic starter theme. I may use it as start for my next project! :sweat_smile:


Awesome work @alexaspalato, it looks really nice :smile: :tada:

And welcome to the community! :wave: :wave:

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Thank you!
I’m impatient to see what you will build with it!


The theme looks great! Thanks for sharing this, Alexandra!

I’m sure it will help inspire many other users to create some awesome projects! :clap: :blush:


Really nice looking theme. Great work @alexaspalato! :+1:

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I love it, great work @alexaspalato !


@alexaspalato This is really what i am waiting in my first step :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Let me try and give you feedback for same

Kudos to your work, Thanks


@a.elnagdy87 Hey thank you!
I’m actually making some improvements to the theme :build in search and updates
will publish it soon
Sorry, I was not very active lastly, lot of work!

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I’ve just published the new version with built-in search :grinning: