Frontity App deployed to Vercel and shows blank on Iphone and Ipad

Hello everybody,

I have deployed my test frontity app to vercel. I am having issue on Iphone and Ipad when accessing to my website. It does not render components and shows blank on those devices but works fine with my laptop. Event it works on Responsive Design mode on laptop browser. What might be the issue? Or how can i debug the issue on those devices? Please help me to resolve the issue.

Here is my public url and github repository:

Hi @talehmuzaffer,

Here you have some threads related to this issue:

Hope they can help you to solve your issue


Thanks for your reply.
I have tested those on mentioned topics. Unfortunately, it did not help me. I also tried via localhost without vercel. I made my app public with ngrok and tried with iphone and ipad. It show page for a second and goes to blank again. I think my issue may not be related to vercel at all. But it works fine with android, and computer.

I troubleshooted components and found out that one npm package is the reason for blank page. Whenever i render post_date with dateformat package like below, it shows blank page on IOS devices.

dateFormat(blog.post_date, "dd mmm yyyy")

This sounds very weird to me but I hope it helps somebody in the future.

Hi @talehmuzaffer,

I’m glad you were able to solve your issue

I wonder if there is some reference to this in the Runtime logs provided by Vercel

Can you check them and see if there’s some specific error on this package that confirm this?

Hello @juanma,

I have also checked it before but runtime logs did not provide any issue regarding this.

Hi @talehmuzaffer! :wave:

Glad you’ve been able to resolve it! Just wanted to chime in to say that there are some great modern libraries for handling dates in JS like or (I’ve happily used the first one)

It looks like the dateformat package is not really maintained anymore!

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