Vercel-deployed site loading blank on iOS devices

The site’s URL is and if you use Chrome or Safari on an iOS device, the first time the site loads, it’ll load blank. Upon refresh, the page can be seen. I can also inspect to see all the elements are there, so it isn’t a redirecting issue, it appears to be a rendering issue. Anybody have any ideas? Is this a bug?

So I’ve been able to test it on Browserstack and I can see in the console that the error is as follows:

GET 404 ()

That’s whether I use https://interpayments,,, or any of the Vercel deployment links. Looks like there is no route specified in the request and so it just responds with a 404 error. That doesn’t make sense to me but I’ll keep digging.

So I believe I’ve come up with a solution. As per Issue while deploying to Now, I updated my now.json and it works. I’ll see if throughout the next few days there are any other problems but I believe it is fixed. Either the documentation should be expanded on to show what might work if there is a blank page showing on iOS (or other devices) or I should make an issue in Github since I believe this to be a bug with the Vercel deployment ‘@frontity/now’ package.

Hi @david1

Glad you managed to fix your issue. We’ve updated our docs re Vercel deployment: