First Frontity Jobby!

My first frontity project (though plenty of Frankensteining different components from Mars and TwentyTwenty). Just wanted to share it here though it’s in a very early version - just super pumped to have a somewhat workable version:

I’m more of a server guy lately, than a designer so I’ll be doing a good deal of work on optimizing the nginx/apache server that hosts the Wordpress instance, though I’ve got tons of ideas for the frontend and will be chipping away…


Hey Gareth!

Congratulations on your first Frontity project! It looks really elegant already :blush:

Keep us posted on the updates!

Btw, we would love to know more about your experience learning Frontity to keep improving our product. Other users have shared with us really valuable feedback after finishing a project and it’s really helpful for us, so any suggestions you may have will be more than welcome.

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Hi @403page!

Thanks for sharing your Frontity project! :heart_eyes: It looks great!

As Pablo mentioned, any feedback you’d like to share with us (e.g. what you found more challenging) is more than welcome.

I also wanted to ask you if it’s ok if I share your project in this month’s newsletter along with this tutorial you wrote. Feel free to let me know your thoughts (here or via DM if you prefer so). :blush:

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Thanks Pablo! Ya for sure! I’ll put together some feedback too

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Thanks a lot @Reyes. Wow, so cool. Ya that’s totally fine with me. Share away my man!
Hopefully I’ll have it looking nicer by then :smiley:


By the way, this breaks my heart. It is a fact that 99/100 is psychologically a far worse score than 90/100 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


C’mon a 99 its better than a 90 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I feel you, that last point is the most painful.

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any chance to get the GitRepo from it? This looks very clean and solid!

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Sure thing @jolle775! Just want to clean it up a bit before I push it up to my public repo. I can zip up the local theme folder and send it to you if you want it a bit quicker.


I tell a lie @jolle775 - hadn’t realised I’ve already synced it here

It’s quite messy (there’s going to be references to twenty-twenty and mars-theme in there).
Happy to share it anyway!

I’ll clean it up properly if you want to hold off a week or two - but if you want to get it now feel free.

P.S. I totally did a horrible thing with the background image (the coloured geometric shapes) and loaded it as a background image with CSS which I know is a sin. So watch out for that. :slight_smile:


dont worry about messy code No hurry at all. I will try get through it. Could you make the Sync Public? Currently unable to access. Thanks alot

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Try now and let me know.

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