Embedded mode

I’d like to have more clear the current status of this Feature Discussion.

As far as I know:

  • There’s a POC being used successfully with some partners
  • There’s been some developments related to this mode (Preview for example)

Also, I guess this Embedded Mode FD is very related with some of the current OKR’s.

So, what is the prioritization of next big features (AMP, Source v2, Embedded Mode,…) ? What is the planned order to do them? Does this FD need some other FD to be done before event start researching it? Which ones?

@SantosGuillamot can you summarize the current status of this FD?

As you mention right now we have this proof of concept that we are testing and it is running in frontity.org for example. It has been great so far but we have to keep in mind that it doesn’t have an interface or even tests, so it’s not a beta yet. Moreover, we would like to improve some aspects so it is more reliable and easier to use.

Finally, the first stable version of the Embedded mode will be included in the Frontity PHP plugin, where you could select which mode you want to use and it will include some functionalities like the preview.

It is hard to define and order these features. They are included in the mid term roadmap so we will be working on them during next year, but I’m afraid I cannot define an order right now, because it will likely change. The AMP package is one of our top priorities right now, and our initial idea is to work also on the Server Extensibility and the Frontity hooks.

We are working on a roadmap public page where we will explain everything related to this, to give more visibility. I think it will be published during next week probably.