Documentation related to Embedded Mode (or Frontity PHP plugin)

In this PR @mmczaplinski make some points regarding some settings directly related to the Embedded Mode

The current status of the Embedded Mode is this one: Embedded mode & Frontity PHP plugin
And for what I know, there are some other priorities before we can focus on providing a stable version of this feature

From my point of view, we should only add in the docs references to features that are completely available for the final user in a “stable” version (not in a proof of concept from). So, with the information I have, we shouldn’t include any specific references to the Embedded Mode until it’s available for the final user

Maybe, we should include this specific information related to the Embedded Mode in the of the proof-of-concept, or in the FD until the feature (plugin) is released

Or maybe we should release an “experimental” version of the plugin/feature so we can start adding references to it in the documentation

I guess this conversation goes beyond these specific settings related to source.url

So, what do you think? How do you think we should handle the documentation related to this Embedded Mode?

Regarding the Embedded mode and the PHP plugin, we would like to work in the coming months in a really basic plugin, with the basic settings and the current status of the code, to ease the use of it. From there, we will add more functionalities in the future as explain in this thread. We have already tested the proof-of-concept and it has been great so far, so we want to enable other users to use it in production with a basic plugin.

Having said that, I am not sure how this should be handled from the documentation point of view. I think the Embedded mode will be really important when it’s released, so maybe we could start documenting it (or move the readme to the docs), clarifying the status of it. This way we can start referencing it. Something similar to the React Concurrent for example, where they specify that is experimental.

Yes, I think we should do something like this.

In order to start documenting it I think it would be better to use the term “Experimental” more than “Proof of Concept” to refer to this Embedded Mode

@luisherranz What do you think about chaningg the name of the repo Frontity Embedded Mode - [Proof of Concept] to something like Frontity Embedded Mode - [Experimental]

I’m using React’s Concurrent Mode as @SantosGuillamot suggests as I think it’s a good reference for this use case