Could we add more to the Deploy section especially relating to specific hosting services?

I’m about to transition my site ( to use Frontity.

I don’t feel comfortable with the current “Deployment” write up–it seems like it just discusses how to build the production level deployment code, but doesn’t talk about the high-level steps involved in modifying your current web server to solely use the new Frontity React code we created.

What I’d like to do (which I imagine is common) is to:

  1. Build the code to serve on my server (already documented).
  2. Keep my current CMS (wordpress) code hosted on my server where it’s at.
  3. Deprecate / hide all of the “old” views that show my site before I switched to Frontity.
  4. Put my new Frontity code on the server such that each URL that previously pointed to the “old” site now gets intercepted / displayed by Frontity.

I apologize if that’s all well documented, but I can’t seem to find much detail here.

For what it’s worth, I’m using BlueHost, so I also wouldn’t mind if more hosting providers have their detail added here for transition purposes :slight_smile:

Hi @whitetc2

Welcome to the community. If I’ve understood your issue correctly all you need to do is point your primary domain at the node server (or serverless function) where your Frontity site is hosted. You can then point a sub-domain, e.g., to your WordPress site by modifying the A-record for that sub-domain. The api setting in frontity.settings.js will need to point to the sub-domain as well.

Hope this helps. See this page in our docs.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll see if we can make things clearer in our documentation. If you have suggestions for improving our documentation please feel free to submit a pull request on our docs repo. We welcome contributions from the community that will help improve our documentation.

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for/wondering!