Categories of Packages

I’m working in the docs regarding packages and I want to explain that packages are created under a Namespace that defines the type of behaviour/feature implemented by the package and that this Namespace is also used to organize the configuration of different packages

But not all the packages are like this, we also have core packages ( frontity), interface packages ( @frontity/source) , helpers packages ( @frontity/components)

How would you categorize the different types of packages?

We should find categories that allow us to assign them to each one of the packages published in NPM

This is my proposal
:closed_book: → represents those packages that will be documented

Themes packages

  • twentytwenty-theme :closed_book:
  • mars-theme :closed_book:

TS Types packages

  • analytics
  • router
  • source
  • type-declarations
  • types

Core packages

  • frontity :closed_book:
    • babel-plugin-frontity
    • connect
    • core
    • create-frontity
    • error
    • file-settings

Helpers packages

  • components :closed_book:
  • hooks :closed_book:

Features packages

  • Analytics packages :closed_book:
    • comscore-analytics :closed_book:
    • google-analytics :closed_book:
    • google-tag-manager :closed_book:
    • google-tag-manager-analytics :closed_book:
  • SEO packages :closed_book:
    • head-tags :closed_book:
  • Render packages :closed_book:
    • html2react :closed_book:
  • Router packages :closed_book:
    • tiny-router :closed_book:
  • Source packages :closed_book:
    • wp-source :closed_book:

Deprecated packages

  • yoast

I’ve already applied this categorization of packages
It can be seen here →